by Room 34

Ketchup 06:27
Sriracha 03:25
Mustard 08:45
Mayonnaise 05:20
Tabasco 09:33
Sauce Packet 01:27


Almost every Room 34 album has been a concept album. Most of these concepts have been grandiose and a tad too self-serious. Subject matter has included the Greek elements, a sci-fI rock opera, the phases of sleep, anthropogenic disasters, and nothing less than the full arc of the existence of the known universe. Of course, being almost entirely instrumental, the songs COULD be about ANYTHING.

Coming off the "Elements" project, I wasn't sure where to go next. I'm not sure how I settled on "Condiments" as a concept, but it certainly avoids the "self-serious" label.

Now, the question remains, do any of the songs actually EVOKE the condiments they supposedly represent? Not necessarily. But then again, not necessarily... not.

The first six tracks are based on improvised drum/keyboard/bass grooves originally recorded in July-August 2016, well before the concept had taken shape. As I fleshed out these tunes, I gave them titles and made a little effort — in some cases, VERY little — to steer them in a direction that at least hinted at the namesake foodstuffs.

The final, bonus track was a little sketch I put together in GarageBand on my iPhone one night lying in bed in January. It wouldn't have been included at all if I hadn't illustrated a sauce packet for the back cover art.


released February 28, 2017

Composed, Performed, Produced & Designed by Scott Anderson
July-August 2016 & January-February 2017
at Room 34 Studios & The Scream Closet
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Scott Anderson plays: MIDI keyboards and percussion, electric guitars, 4- and 5-string electric basses, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet

Released under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 license by Room 34 Creative Services, LLC. Some rights reserved.




Room 34 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Room 34 is Scott Anderson, a Minneapolis-based freelance web developer and DIY musician.

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